VA Filtration USA is excited to announce the opening of our new alcohol reduction service facility in American Canyon. With a state of the art vacuum distillation column utilizing indirect water heating, our latest service addition focuses on wine quality through improved technology. The process also aims at protecting the environment as much as possible by reducing transportation costs and minimizing energy consumption.

New Alcohol Reduction Service Options Available At Our Facility

1. Low Color Wine Fraction Processing

By utilizing vacuum distillation with indirect water heating technology, the door has been opened to a brand new option for alcohol removal from wine. Even if you don’t have a DSP license, we can separate your wine into a high color and low color wine fraction at your facility. This low color wine fraction is then shipped to us for processing and we return this fraction at an alcohol level of less than 1.5%. The high color wine fraction remains at your facility! This process conforms to all TTB CFR codes.

2. Direct Wine Processing

If you prefer, you can also ship us the wine, which we can run directly through the still. The still has an option of separating out the aroma fraction and keeping this separate from the ethanol. The aroma fraction is returned to the dealcoholized wine at the end of processing. The wine is returned to you at an ethanol concentration of between 1.5% – 3%.

3. Permeate Generation And Removal Of Ethanol From Permeate

Of course we can also process the wine by first generating permeate from your wine using RO and then removing the ethanol from the permeate. The water is then recombined with the wine and shipped back to you at 6-8% ethanol concentration.

Va Filtration Alcohol Reduction Facility Benefits

  • Capability of running both wine and permeate.
  • Capability of running lots as small as 120 gallons.
  • Removal of ethanol to less than 1% on permeate.
  • Removal of ethanol to less than 3% on wine.
  • Removal of ethanol to less than 1% on low color wine fraction.
  • Reduced shipping costs by shipping smaller volumes.
  • High quality process.
  • Minimal losses due to ethanol being removed at concentrations exceeding 80% equals less wine losses overall.
    Vacuum distillation with indirect water heating means there are never cooked characters in the wine/permeate/low color fraction.
  • Capability of running other taint removal services if necessary.

At VA Filtration we are always seeking out new ways of improving wine process quality while keeping costs of processing reasonable. We never stop thinking and we never stop improving. We are your one stop shop for all your wine processing needs.