In February 2014 Wine Australia issued a warning to wine exporters into China. The warning regarded ‘excessive’ manganese content (>2mg per litre) even though manganese is not a wine additive.
The VA Filtration and Memstar group have a long and proud reputation for innovation, helping winemakers deal with what were previously intractable problems such as excessive VA, alcohol, Brett and smoke taint. Dealing with excess manganese is its latest development.
Treatment using a newly developed process combining nanofiltration and resin treatment have shown reductions in manganese from as high as 4.7 mg/l to below 0.6 mg/l. The process is gentle on client’s wine; with no negative side effects; and it is cost effective.
The VA Filtration team take great care from start to finish and can treat volumes from one barrel to one million litres or more. Wine exporters with potential problems should contact us to discuss their options.