David Wollan

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David Wollan was born in Brisbane but grew up in Melbourne. His winemaking career commenced in 1979 after completing a wine science degree at what is now Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. He spent 4 years as winemaker at Arrowfield Wines in the Hunter Valley before moving to the Yarra Valley where he established Tarrawarra Vineyard, managed it and was chief winemaker for 12 years. During much of this time, he nurtured a lingering interest in the rapidly developing computer field and specifically its application to the wine industry.

In the early 1990s, with colleague Artemis Georgiades, he formed the company Wine File to develop and commercialise a PC based winery management system. This program was a pioneering effort to provide winemakers with a powerful and robust record keeping tool. It was soon adopted by many wineries around Australia and overseas. In 1994, Wine File was merged with colleague Gary Baldwin’s consulting company to establish the Wine Network Group of companies, for some time Australia’s leading wine industry consulting and technical services group.

After a number of years and new versions, Wine Network’s priorities changed and Wine File was sold to developer Tallships which has continued to improve and support the program.

As a director of Wine Network and a principal consultant, David spent a number of years consulting to wineries in Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Israel and France. But after being introduced to the power of reverse osmosis based processes over 16 years ago, David has concentrated his efforts on the development and application of membrane separation technologies in the wine industry. Most notably he invented processes for smoke taint removal and alcohol reduction. These services were offered to the wine industry around the world by his company Memstar which recently was acquired by VA Filtration.

He has written and spoken extensively on these and other subjects.

David continues to work for the merged Memstar / VA Filtration companies as a consultant with responsibility for technical support, training, research and development and supervision of equipment design and manufacture. Recently he commenced a post-graduate research degree at the University of Adelaide.