VA Filtration is excited to announce that it has completed the purchase of MEMSTAR.

According to Bryan Tudhope, general manager of VA Filtration USA, this acquisition will open the door to US based manufacturing of MEMSTAR equipment allowing the US access to a safe and affordable option for on-site alcohol reduction. With our ability to design and manufacture distillation columns, the synergy between the two technologies makes this a fantastic addition to our strong portfolio of products and services.

About Memstar

Memstar is an Australian based company that developed the US patent pending perstraction method of ethanol reduction from wine. The process utilizes reverse osmosis to first separate the wine into a concentrate and permeate stream in order to minimize aromatic loss. The permeate stream is then passed through a membrane contactor, where the ethanol is stripped out of the permeate via perstraction (vapor phase transport through a hydrophobic membrane). This lower alcohol permeate stream is then recombined with the wine resulting in a lower alcohol product.

The Memstar process is ideal for those wanting to “fine-tune” their wines to hit a sweetspot alcohol content. Since the ethanol is removed in a water strip stream, the entire process is very safe and can be done on-site.

About VA Filtration

VA Filtration is a mobile service company specializing in all forms of membrane processing systems and currently holds US Patents* for the nanofiltration based process of VA reduction as well as taint removal. VA Filtration’s expertise extends far beyond simple mobile processing. Other capabilities include design, manufacture and commissioning of membrane based systems for wine processing including Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration (Crossflow), Ion exchange and dynamic crossflow . With a team of chemical and mechanical engineers, 16 years of experience in the wine industry and a 5 000 square foot manufacturing facility in the Napa Valley, the capabilities of VA Filtration are unmatched in the industry.

*US 7651616, 7828977