Pectinolytic enzyme preparation for maceration

Pred’Arome is a granulated enzyme preparation obtained from selected strain of aspergillus niger by submerged fermentation.


  • Highly concentrated pectinolytic preparation that selectively degrades grape skin polysaccharides in the must;
  • Can be used for treatment of white and red grapes musts;
  • selective degradation of grapes skins facilitates release of juice during pressing and makes it possible to gently extract valuable aroma precursors and desired phenols (tannins);
  • Decreases quantities of aggressive tannins, stabilizes and extracts color from red grapes.

The product is added as a 10% solution directly to grapes at the crusher, to the must prior to filling the tank or at the press. Even distribution of the enzyme in the must is ensured by pump-overs.



Special note:
Enzymes are irreversibly destroyed when brought in contact with bentonite. Their action must be completed prior to the use of bentonite or bentonite must be removed prior to enzyme addition.

Sealed bags may be stored in a cool (max 77°f/25°c) and dry place, away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odors.

25 kg