Colloidal stability of wines (liquid solution)

Predastab is a gum arabic extracted from Acacia Verek produced in Africa. Its exceptional purity gives it great stabilization potency against colloid haze and sedimentation.


  • Predastab is a stable colloid also known as a protective colloid. It aims at preventing particle enlargement, therefore, preventing the occurrence of haze and colloidal deposits
  • Predastab prevents the sedimentation of coloring matter and physicochemical based turbidity in young wines and especially in sweet and fortified wines;
  • Predastab also protects wines against iron and copper haze.

In order to use Predastab, it is essential to ensure that the wine is perfectly stable when bottling and already clarified.

Addition rates:
50 – 100 ml/hl
Dilute Predastab in 5 times its volume of wine. Add to the tank and mix well or use a venturi system.

Store unopened original package away from light and frost in a dry, cool and odorless area.