Gelatine for enological use obtained from sturgeon and other selected fish, with a high bloom value (200)

Pred’Gel is perfectly adapted for the fining of white wines. It gives the wine a sparkling clarity without stripping aromas or flavour.


  • Eliminates bitter gustative tones;
  • Refreshes the wine;
  • Highlights and intensifies the wine aromatic quality;
  • Gives remarkable clarity to white and rosé wines.

Add directly in the tank through a pumping over (15min) and rack the wines between one-two weeks after the finning

Whites wines: 2 to 3 g/hl
Rosé wines: 3 to 5 g/hl
Heavy fining: 5 to 10 g/hl

Keep in its packaging closed and sealed at room temperature (59 – 68°f) 15-20°c.
The opened package must be used quickly.

1 kg
10 kg