Paradoxe AF

For the protection of must wine against oxidation

Contains high purity pvpp, cellulose and gum arabic. Paradox AF mixes easily. Does not contain casein.
Allergen free.


  • On grapes and must:
    – eliminates the oxidizible and oxidized phenolic compounds;
    – eliminates the bitter tastes;
    – improves and accelerates settling of must;
    – protects the aromatic precursors from oxidation.

  • On wine:
    – refreshes lightly oxidized wines;
    – eliminates the brown colour and the oxidative taste;
    – refines the aromatic profile of white and rosé wines.

Paradox AF can be added at any stage of winemaking process, both to must and wine. Sprinkle directly or dilute in 10 times its volume of water. Mix well anaerobically.

30 – 100 g/hl
Maximum legal addition: 400 g/hl

Sealed bags may be stored in a cold and dry place, away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odours.

5 kg