Predtan Vinif

Specific preparation of ellagic and proanthocyanidic tanins

Predtan vinif combines the effects of different tannins selected and prepared for optimal technological efficiency, without adding bitterness:

  • The specific composition allows prevention of oxidation in red wines and improves and stabilizes the color over time;
  • Inhibits natural oxidation enzymes (laccase, polyphenol oxidase) on botrytis-affected grapes more efficiently than so2;
  • Improves wine structure and the mid-palate.


  • Vinification of grapes that show a deficiency in phenolic maturity or an unfavourable tannin/anthocyanin ratio for colour stabilization;
  • Protection and vinification of grapes affected by botrytis cinerea;
  • Improves fining.

Dissolve Predtan Vinif in 10 times its weight in wine or in must and incorporate the solution into the tank during a pump-over.

Red wines: 10 – 40 g/hl
White wines: 1 – 10 g/hl

Sealed bags may be stored in a cold and dry place, away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odours.

1 kg
15 kg