Bioaging R

Wine with softness, harmony and sweetness

Bioaging R is a blend of mannoproteins and yeast derivatives rich in nucleotides.


  • Enhances body and mouthfeel of the wine;
  • High nucleotide content improves pleasantness and contributes to lengthy finish;
  • Highlights sweetness of wines making them extremely smooth and approachable;
  • Softens and rounds up tannins, producing a sensation of higher richness and concentration;
  • Enables wines to keep their characteristics for much longer period of time preventing darkening and development of heavy tones.


  • During aging or for the final correction of organoleptic profile;
  • Bioaging R should be used with the minimum action time of 2 weeks;
  • Dissolve Bioaging R in 10 times its weight in water prior to adding to wine;
  • Mix well.

Red wines: 10 – 20 g/hl
White wines: 3 – 10 g/hl

Sealed bags may be stored in a cool and dry place away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odors.

500 g