Predenzym Super Speed

Lquid enzyme for clarification of difficult musts

Pectin lyase/ pl : ≥ 100 u/g
Polygalacturonase/pg : ≥ 3500 u/g
Pectin methylesterase/pe : ≥ 700 u/g

The enzyme Super Speed is particularly developed for clarification of musts with very high content of pectins that are difficult to clarify. Its liquid formulation makes it easier to use than the powdered enzymes. Super Speed allows for very good clarification in short period of time.

Dilute super speed in 10 times its weight in must and incorporate the solution into the tank.

0.5 – 2 ml/hl

Open container must be closed again and used within three months.
Keep in a dry and cool place at temperatures lower or equal to 39°f (4°c). Its activity diminishes by half within a year when it is stocked between 59 and 68°f (15 and 20°c).

1 l
25 l