Increases juice yields and improves extraction of color and aromas. Liquid formulation

Pred’Extract is a combination of highly active pectolytic enzymes which promote fast and complete decomposition of pectine in grapes, must and new wines.
During fermentation the protopectin in grapes is completely dissolved. Therefore the juice bound in the cellular tissue is released, allowing for higher yields and increasing the efficiency of pressing.

Maximum pectolytic activity;
Increases juice yield and accelerates pressing;
Improves the quality of the wine naturally trough increased extraction of color and aromas;
Due to the fast decomposition of pectins, red wines musts are easier to press.

Add to the must in an evenly and continuously using a measuring cup.



Special note:
Enzymes are irreversibly destroyed when brought in contact with bentonite. Their action must be completed prior to the use of bentonite or bentonite must be removed prior to enzyme addition.

Sealed bags may be stored in a cool (max 77°f/25°c) and dry place, away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odors.