Thermo plus

Ppectolytic enzyme preparation, purified for clarifying red grape juice derived from thermo-treatment

Polygalacturonase (pg): ≥2800 u/g

Thermo Plus has been formulated for recreating grape enzyme activity which has been destroyed during thermovinification or flash pasteurization.


  • Improves the clarification of juice derived from thermovinification and flash détente by high hydrolysis activity of the soluble pectic chains which are extracted in higher quantities during thermotreatment and maceration;
  • Rapidly reduces must viscosity;
  • Optimizes must deposit settling;
  • Allows clarification of the pressed wine and improves wine filterability.

Thermo Plus is recommended for all red grape varieties for the production of fruit – forward wines intended for immediate consumption.

Thermo Plus can be applied to cooled must straight after leaving the heating or détente tank (temperature <122°f).

  • Dissolve thermo plus in 10 times its weight in water, must or wine. The product dissolves immediately at room temperature;
  • Incorporate at maceration (as early as possible), a dosing pump or a drip for improved homogenisation. Otherwise, carry out light homogenisation.


  • Thermovinification: 3 – 4 g/hl (30 to 40 ppm)
  • Flash détente: 4 – 5 g/hl (40 to 50 ppm)

Any open bottle must be closed and used within three months.
Keep in a dry and cool place at or below 39°f (4°c).

1 kg
25 kg