Predferm EC

For better control of fermentation

Yeast walls extracted from selected yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Predferm EC is a fine powder rich in mannan and glucan with precise absorption properties.
Predferm EC is a 100% natural product, not genetically modified, with a neutral aromatic profile.


  • Absorbs the main inhibitors of alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. The glucan and mannan present in predferm ec permit the absorption of the short chain fatty acids (c6, c8, c10, c12);
  • Stimulates alcoholic and malolactic fermentations by providing sterols and chains of unsaturated fatty acids. During the alcoholic fermentation, the use of Predferm EC leads to an increase in the active dry yeast cells;
  • During the malolactic fermentation, Predferm EC stimulates the viability and the growth of bacteria. This helps to detoxify the batch and absorbs short chain fatty acids which are the main inhibitors of malolactic fermentation;
  • Thanks to its polysaccharides content Predferm EC helps to enhance the stabilization of the colour in wines and allows a mitigation of both astringency and bitterness;
  • In the event of slow alcoholic fermentation, Predferm EC detoxifies the must keeping the yeast active and enabling the completion of fermentation.

Dosage and usage:
20 – 40 g/hl

Preventive use:
Predferm ec should be added 24 hours after the beginning of fermentation.
For red wines, predferm ec should be added underneath the cap.

Restarting stuck fermentations:

  • Predferm EC helps restart the alcoholic fermentation. The dose varies from 30 – 40 g/hl for red wine and from 15 – 20 g/hl for white and rosé wines;
  • Dissolve Predferm EC in 10 times its weight of water at a temperature from 68 to 86°f (20 – 30° c).
  • Add Predferm EC to red wine after the addition of 10 g/hl of pred lysozyme;
  • After adding predferm ec mix well or pump-over treated must;
  • After 24 h inoculate with yeast adapted to the restart conditions.

Sealed bags may be stored in a cool and dry place, away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odors. It is recommended to use the entire content shortly after opening.

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