Predferm Optimo

Specific preparation based on yeast derivatives rich in vitamins and organic assimililable nitrogen


  • A specific preparation of yeast, naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and sterols.
  • Predferm optimo improves yeast resistance to harsh conditions half way through fermentation (high alcohol percentage, low fermentation temperatures) and compensate for a deficiency in sterols (low turbidity, anaerobic vinification).

Inactive yeasts
These inactive yeasts contain vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, protein and sterols. They favor the yeast growth and supply sterols enabling the yeast to resist ethanol.
Sterols participate in the cohesion of the yeast cell membrane.
Similarly, these inactive yeasts supply yeast walls that will absorb c6, c8 and c10 fatty acids and thereby limit inhibitory action on yeasts.

Predferm optimo

  • Provides lipids that will reinforce the inner surfaces of the yeasts allowing them to be more resistant to high potential alcohol;
  • Introduces cellular walls of the yeast that detoxify the surroundings by absorbing the short chain fatty acids.

Application and usage:
To be used especially in the event of high potential alcohol, low juice turbidity, low fermentation temperature and during fermentation restart.
To be added to yeast rehydration water prior to the yeast. Do not use directly in the tank because the elements provided by predferm optimo would be absorbed by the indigenous flora.

20 – 40 g/hl

Sealed bags may be stored in a cool and dry place, away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odors.

1 kg
10 kg
20 kg