Predferm TAP

Activator for improved nutrient supply during fermentation

Diammonium phosphate + Thiamine

PREDFERM T.A.P is a nutrient solution made up of diammonium phosphate and Thiamine:
• Thiamine, a B-complex vitamin, noticeably improves fermentation;
• Diammonium phosphate supplements yeast available nitrogen.

The formulation of these essential nutrients favours and promotes rapid growth and strengthens yeast population. This assures a smooth running, uninterrupted fermentation process with sugar being completely converted into alcohol.

In the event of an assimilable nitrogen deficiency in the must, it is essential to add nitrogen in order to ensure yeast growth and efficient alcoholic fermentation.
According to the must conditions (initial nitrogen content, potential alcohol level, turbidity, etc.) it is advisable to correct the assimilable nitrogen content to between 180 and 220 mg/L.

10 g/hL of PREDFERM T.A.P produces on average of 27 mg/L (27 ppm) of assimilable nitrogen.

PREDFERM T.A.P can be used on all types of must, white, rosé or red.

10 – 20 g/hl
Maximum legal addition: 30 g/hl

Sealed bags may be stored in a cool and dry place, away from contaminants and chemicals with intense odors.

1 kg