Opticoll – allergen free

Fining of great wines

Specific preparation with yeast derivatives rich in proteins.


  • Opticoll is a natural, allergen free product free, intended for fining of high quality red and white wines;
  • Compares with casein, however contains NO allergens;
  • Due to its composition, Opticoll eliminates cloudy and unwanted elements in wine making it brighter, crystal clear, softer, smoother and more harmonious;
  • It eliminates the excesses tannins and, therefore increases color stability in red wines;
  • Opticoll also helps improve filterability of wine.

Dilute to 1/3 with a small quantity of wine or water and add to the tank while mixing or use a venturi system.

Red wines: 15 – 30 g/hl
White wines: 5 – 20 g/hl

Unopened package may be stored at room temperature (59 68°f / 15-20°c).
Once open, packaging must be used quickly.

1 kg