Lyophilised Egg Albumin

Pred’Albumine is a fining agent obtained by freeze-drying fresh egg whites. It coagulates and removes unstable tannins and facilitates polyphenolic stability of wines. It is recommended for stabilizing wines, especially fine red wines made to age.

Egg albumin softens red wines without depleting them or altering their structure. In the case of excessive macerations or vinifications with wines very rich in polyphenols


  • Softens the excessive roughness and the astringency caused by the high concentration of tannic polyphenols that often amplify their aggressive character in the presence of high acidity;
  • Pred’Albumine is very suitable for acceleration of the maturation process of wines that are too hard due to excess tannins.

Dissolve Pred’Albumine in 10 times its weight in water (1kg/10l of water). Never dissolve Pred’Albumine directly in wine – this will provoke immediate flocculation with the tannins in the wine.
Mix vigorously using a whisk, avoiding foam formation and lumps.
It is essential to vigorously mix the wine after addition to obtain good dispersion.

Tannic red wines: 20 to 30 g/hl
Red wines in barrel: 5 to 12 g/hl
White wines in barrel or tank: 5 to 10 g/hl

Keep in a cool, dark, odorless and dry place for up to 2 years at the temperature lower than 68°f (20°c).