Potassium caseinate developed for treatment of oxidation and maderization in musts and wines.

Pred’Caseine is obtained from skimmed, fresh and pasteurized milk. It is an odorless and tasteless white powder. Thanks to its considerable purity and high protein concentration, it is more active than ordinary soluble caseinates.
Its production method guarantees easy solubilisation and good wettability, optimizing its reaction with wine or must.


  • Removes the brown color in oxidized wines contributing to color refreshment while also refining organoleptic properties of wine;
  • Pred’Caseine is recommended for the treatment of young white and rosé wines to decrease the oxidized character due to botrytis;
  • Pred’Caseine is a clarification agent and can be used to prepare wine for filtration;
  • Decreases the iron content in white wines.

Dissolve in 20 times its weight in water at room temperature – mixing in wine will result in immediate coagulation. The dissolved casein must be introduced into the wine with an injector or added to wine which is vigorously stirred or mixed.

20-100 g /hl

Keep in a cool, dark, odorless and dry place for up to 2 years at temperature lower than 68°f (20°c).

10 kg