Microgranulated, sodium activated bentonite for microdoses applications

Pred’Microtec is a sodium activated bentonite obtained from an extremely pure and specially selected raw material. It undergoes an additional activation process which enhances its natural performance, considerably increases its powers of dispersal and colloidal properties and its clarifying abilities.


  • Excellent protein removal high at the very low dosage and extremely low deposit volumes;
  • Easy dispersion and low inert matter content;
  • The aromas and taste of the wine are not affected;
  • Ensures protein stability.

Pred’Microtec can be used in all types of musts and wine. It is very gentle and can be used to stabilize premium wines that can deteriorate if treat too aggressively.

Pred’microtec should be diluted in 20 times its weight in water and left at rest for a few hours. Lt is necessary to shake the solution before use. The wine should be mixed upon addition.

10 – 40 g/hl

Keep in its packaging closed and sealed at room temperature (59 – 68°f) 15-20°c.
The opened package must be used quickly.

1 kg
25 kg