Colloidal Stability Of Wines
Microgranulated Does Not Contain So₂

Gum Arabic Is The Exudate Obtained Either Naturally Or From Removing The Bark Of Acacia Seyal Trees.
Due To The Rigorous Selection Of Raw Material And Filtration, Softpred Is A Gum Of Remarkable Purity.


  • Softpred Is Composed Of Stable Macromolecules That Prevent The Formation Of Neutral Colloids Which Are Responsible For Potential Haziness In Wines;
  • Its Action As A Protective Colloid Allows The Stabilization Of The Wine And Participates Largely In The Improvement Of Its Organoleptic Qualities.

In Order To Use Softpred, It Is Essential To Ensure That The Wines Are Perfectly Stable And Already Clarified.
Dilute In 5 Times Its Volume In Wine And Add To The Tank While Mixing Or Use A Venturi System.

30 – 100 G/Hl
(Easy And Immediate Solubilization)

Store Unopened Original Package Away From Light And Frost In A Dry, Cool And Odorless Area.

1 Kg