Stabicell 21LV

Ensures tartaric stabilization

Stabicell 21LV acts as a protective colloid. It hinders the formation and growth of tartrate microcrystal thus preventing the precipitation of tartaric salts, potassium bitartrate or calcium tartrate.


  • Stabicell 21LV is a cellulose gum at 21% concentration for the tartaric stabilization of wines specially formulated by Predel;
  • It has more concentrated cellulose and low viscosity;
  • 21% cellulose gum;
  • Neutral sensory pproperties;
  • Soluble in water;
  • Ph in solution: 4;
  • Density: 1,115 kg/l.


  • During tirage or disgorging of sparkling wines ;
  • Before bottling of white wines that are protein stable. Stabicel 21lv may be added before final filtration. Homogenization is essential in order to avoid fouling and to obtain the best possible protection;
  • Before bottling of rosé or red wines. It’s necessary to check before that this addition has no effect on wine color.
  • Stabicell 21LV can produce haze in wines containing lysozyme.

Dilute in wine and add to the tank. Mix well.


  • Wine temperature: avoid adding Stabicell 21LV to cold wines as temperatures below
  • 12°c (54°f) would make homogenization more difficult;
  • Proteins: interactions between cellulose gum and wine compounds are possible, specifically with proteins. The wine should not contain any unstable proteins.
  • During homogenization, it is recommended to pump over the entire tank content.

20 – 50 ml/hl depending on wine instability

Store unopened original package away from light and frost in a dry, cool and odorless area.

25 kg