Essential Grand Cru

Yeast for structured, elegant and complex red wines

Active dry yeast isolated in burgundy. Strain saccharomyces cerevisiae.


  • Complete sugar conversion;
  • High alcohol tolerance (16%);
  • Fermentation temperature from 59 to 86°f (15 – 30°c);
  • Sugar/alcohol yield: 17 g/l
  • Low production of volatile acidity;
  • High production of glycerol;
  • Very high aptitude for lees maturation.

The Essential Grand Cru favours the varietal characteristics of the wine and strengthen the intricacy and the structure of red wines. Thanks to its capacity to produce very high amount of glycerol, it’s particularly recommended for the production of balanced, full bodied red wines. Suitable for all grape varieties, particularly for merlot, cabernet sauvignon and zinfandel.

20 – 30 g/hl
160 – 200 g/ton

Keep in a dry and cool place.

500 g
10 kg