Wines for Brandy

Active dry yeast isolated in the vineyards of Côtes du Rhône. Strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Estelle was selected for its abilities to produce high amounts of esters and aldehydes which make it particularly suited for the production of wines intended for distillation.


  • Fast fermentation starter;
  • Cryophile strain, regular and steady fermentation starting from 8 °C;
  • Complete exhaustion of sugars;
  • Ethanol resistance – up to 14%
  • Moderate nitrogen requirements;
  • Low production of volatile acidity (less than 0.15 g/l);
  • Low H2S and SO2 production;
  • Low acetaldehyde production (less than 20mg/l);
  • Low production of higher alcohols;
  • High production of esters and aldehydes.

Estelle is strongly recommended for the aromatic Brandy. The main volatile compounds synthetized by Estelle are esters, aldehydes and furfurals. The formation of these compounds is desirable because they impart fruity (banana, pear) and floral aromas (lime, rose, violet) to brandy.

20 – 30 g/hl

Keep in a dry and cool place.

500 g
10 kg