Pink Excel

For fruity Rosé wine

Active dry yeastisolated in south of France. Strain saccharomyces cerevisiae (former Bayanus) with killer phenotype.

Winemaking characteristics:

  • Expresses varietal characteristics of the grapes;
  • Enhances the fruit character, volume and roundness;
  • Sugar/alcohol yield: 16,3 g/l;
  • Alcohol tolerance up to 14.5%;
  • High nitrogen requirements, addition of approximately 20 g/hl of predferm optimo is recommended;
  • Adapts well to low fermentation temperatures 55°f (12°c);
  • Steady fermentation kinetic;
  • Low va production.

Pink Excel respects primary grape aromas and develops pleasant secondary aromas. It resists difficult fermentation conditions and reveals fresh, floral and fruity character (exotic fruits, white flowers) especially at low fermentation temperatures.

20 – 30 g/hl

Keep in a dry and cool place.

500 g
10 kg