Yeast for the production of classic white wines and for revealing thiol-type varietal aromas

Active dry yeast isolated in the Val de Loire. Strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


  • Selected to express varietal aromas in sauvignon blanc;
  • Enhances volume and roundness on the palate;
  • Sugar/alcohol yield: 16 g/l;
  • Alcohol tolerance up to 14.7%;
  • High nitrogen requirements, addition of approximately 20 g/hl of Predferm Optimo is recommended;
  • Adapts well to low fermentation temperatures;
  • Very high fermentation capacity
  • Low va production.

Thiolarome is noted for its high levels of fruity yeast aromatics such as tropical fruit, grapefruit, guava, lychee and pineapple. Thiolarome is popular for white winemaking when there is a need for strong contribution of fruity aromas. Thiolarome is ideally suited for varietal white winemaking, particularly for Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chenin Blanc, Colombard, etc.

20 – 30 g/hl

Keep in a dry and cool place.

500 g
10 kg