Less Is MoreMobile Lees

Bottom line…Lees can make you money. Our experience has shown that after picking, crushing and tanking, Lees still contains about 80% juice. With roughly 5% of your volume being Lees, that adds up. With a 4m² rotary drum vacuum filter, and treating from 100 to 200 gal/hr, you will be increasing your profit by filtering your lees.

Flow rate: 100 – 200 gal/ hr (4m²)
Power required – Uninterrupted: 208/240V (60 amp) or 480V (30 amp)
Final filtered quality: 20 – 30 NTU
System type: Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter
Anticipated recovery: 60 – 80% on Red wine lees
70 – 80% on White wine lees
Cake disposal: Winery responsibility
On Site Requirements: Continuous water supply
Sufficient 3 phase power supply