Advantages Of Va Filtration Ph Reduction Columns For The Winemaker

  • Reduce the need for the addition of tartaric acid to lower pH of wine
  • Able to process up to 8 000 litres of wine prior to regeneration being required (PHC400D).
  • On-board pump to supply wine to the system at the required flow rate 200D & 400D models only.
  • Auto regeneration of the resin with the push of a button.
  • 200 litre and 400 litre columns available in dual configuration.
  • Budget system available – 100Q
  • Conductivity Monitoring before and after processing to indicate resin saturation. 200D & 400D only
  • Stainless steel piping manifold.ResinBasedPHReductionResin column 100 Liter Dual

The Technology

System Flow Rate: 2000 l/hr Model PHC100Q
2000 l/hr Model PHC200D
4000 l/hr Model PHC400D
Resin Capacity 400 litre quad arrangement PHC100Q
400 litre dual arrangement PHC200D
800 litre dual arrangement PHC400D
Processing Capablities: 4000 liter processing capacity PHC100Q
4000 Liter processing capacity PHC200D
8000 Liter Processing Capacity PHC400D
Assumes series process but duty/standby also possible
Power required: 380V (3 amp)
Water required: Yes . For regen purposes
Nitrogen required: Yes. For purging of wine
Max. wine/juice NTU 20 NTU
Max Operating Pressure 6 Bar (75 psi)