• Are you tired of using pad filtration to get your wine bottle ready?
  • Do you need a filter for small lots as low as 1 barrel?
  • Would you like a robust system that is easy to use?
  • Would you like a system that is made in America?
  • Would you like a reasonably priced system for only $22 500.00?

VA Filtration USA has the answer – the CF8-2-200M small crossflow unit capable of filtering 200 gal/hr of wine.

CF8-2-200M – Cross Flow Machine

Lets face it, pad filtration is frustrating, loses a lot of wine and requires several stages of filtration to get the wine bottle ready. The CF8-2-200M is a simple alternative to the headache of pad filtration.

Advantages over Pad Filtration

  • On-board self-priming feed pump.
  • One step filtration down to 0.45 microns
  • No oxygen pickup.
  • 200 gal/hr Flow Rate
  • Losses as low as 2 gallons per 500 gallons wine filtered.
  • 110V Power requirement
  • Very easy to use – no pads to load.
  • Minimal operator intervention required while system is filtering.
  • Nothing to throw away – membranes are chemically cleaned.
  • Can not over pressurize the system.
  • Extremely robust – all stainless steel construction

The CF8-2-200M is THE most robust and cost effective crossflow filter on the market today. By making use of flat sheet membrane elements as opposed to hollow fiber membrane elements, this small crossflow unit has a robustness that is unmatched in the industry. The membrane simply can not be damaged by over-pressurization.

Its vertical orientation and piping design minimizes losses as much as possible. Its 110V operation means you can operate this system in areas where 3 phase power is not available. Its filtration capacity is ideal for small lot filtration (as low as 1 barrel) and its price is unmatched in the industry.

The systems are designed and manufactured by VA Filtration in the USA using locally sourced components where possible. We have systems available for evaluation purposes if necessary.

Rental Systems Available

If your preference is to rent, we have a fleet of systems available for rental from our American Canyon warehouse facility on a per day basis.