System wise, we believe it’s the gentler the better. All our systems are ‘once-through’, adding no stress to the wine. We also control treatment pressures using gravity fed, diaphragm pumps wherever possible.

In our VA reduction process, a unique resin maintains the pH of the permeate as low as possible prior to recombination with the wine, meaning less wine ‘shock’. In the taint removal process, a specifically selected media on the permeate side absorbs 4EP and or taints without affecting the ethanol, acid or pH of the wine.

Years of design and testing have produced a system that gently and efficiently removes VA and 4EP while maintaining the highest wine quality. In other words; fine wine, refined. These machines are available for sale and as rentals.


VA Filtration Sales

VA Filtration is a leader in the design and manufacture of membrane based wine processing equipment. With all equipment manufactured just outside Napa California, it is our goal to be the leading supplier of membrane based wine processing equipment to the global wine industry.

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VA Filtration Rentals

Getting to use our premium equipment does not have to come at a premium – we have various rental options available on our equipment – delicately hands-on teams with years of experience are ready to assist you with setup and training and implementing.

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