Alcohol Reduction Service Now In Napa CountyAlcohol Reduction

New Processing Facility In American Canyon

  • Using vacuum distillation in combination with reverse osmosis.
  • Optional direct distillation of wine with aroma recovery
  • Lower boiling point compared to atmospheric distillation
  • No water usage when compared to perstraction = GREEN
  • Electrically operated column
  • Small to large volume capability
  • Accurate in achieving desired alcohol levels
  • Ethanol recovered from process at 80% strength
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Sweetspotter for testing or trials
  • Able to handle 250 gallon lots and up

On-Site Technical Information

Facility Capacity: 1% Adjustment on 50 000 gal per day
Min Lot Size: 250 gallons
Wine Tanks Glycol cooled
Facility Location: 106 Dodd Court, American Canyon, CA
Nitrogen required: Single cylinder
Wine handling: Handled to your preference otherwise advanced cellar practices apply
Wine Clarity: Less than 50 NTU
Min Alcohol content possible: With direct flow, 4% can be achieved. With RO process, 7-8% EtOH Conc