FOSMOS – The revolutionary way to concentrateJuice Bags

The process of forward osmosis is nothing new. The membrane to achieve this successfully though is. VA Filtration has taken this latest membrane technology (PATENT PENDING) and applied it on a batch process for the wine industry. It is a miraculous process that requires no pressure, just an osmotic differential to remove water from juice or wine.

It works by placing a high osmotic strength draw media on one side of the membrane, in this case dry fructose, and then placing the pouch in the solution to be concentrated. Water flows from the lower osmotic pressure fluid to the higher osmotic pressure fluid. The membrane has a 96% or greater rejection rate, so typically only water and alcohol, if present, will cross the membrane barrier. The draw rate depends on the temperature of the fluid and the starting osmotic pressure.

There are two pouch sizes available at this point – the single use and the reusable. For juice concentration we would recommend the reusable pouch and for wine concentration we would recommend the single use pouch.

We are currently working on a higher capacity system that will allow faster removal of water from must without any need to filter or rack.

The Applications

  • Concentration of must
  • Wine concentration trials on as little as 1000 ml
  • Alcohol reduction trials on as little as 1000ml

The Specifications

Draw capacity of the single use pouch 400 ml
Draw capacity of the reusable pouch 750 ml
Draw media Granular fructose
Hydration time – juice 400 ml in 24 hours
Hydration time – wine 400 ml in 10 hours