The Technology

CF8-6-500SA Isometric Our Lo-Cross-Flo mobile microfiltration system uses a low cross flow filtration mode, where tangential wine flow across the membrane is 2-4 times lower than equivalent systems on the market today.

Utilizing a considerably larger membrane surface area to compensate for any loss in flow rate we are able to keep TMP (trans-membrane pressure) low. Our systems are equipped with scavenger systems, whereby losses are kept to a minimum. As usual, by applying our “wine first” approach we are able to filter wine far gentler than equivalent systems.

The Advantages

  • One step, sterile filtration
  • No heat increase in process means less oxidation
  • Less handling of your wine
  • Your wine passes through bottling line filter cartridges

The Specifications

System Flow Rate: White – (500 – 1,000 gal/hr)
Red – 350 – 650 gal/hr average
Power required: 208/240V (20 amp), 480V (20 amp) or
380V (30 amp)
Final filtered quality: <1 NTU
Membrane type: Spiral wound PVDF
Maximum operating pressure: 20 psi
Average operating TMP: 3 – 8 psi
Maximum inlet turbidity of wine: 200 NTU (White), 100 NTU (Red)
Expected losses 1 – 2% of overall volume