TechnicalMobile Pyrazine

Pyrazine type characters are found in wines from grapes grown in cooler growing areas or cooler seasons. These characters can be reduced to acceptable levels, although the success of the treatment depends on the starting levels in the wine

The compounds:

  • IBMP (iso-butyl-methoxypyrazine). Smells like green pepper.
  • Sensory threshold in wine: 2 ppt (2 ng/l)
  • IPMP (iso-propyl-methoxypyrazine). Smells like green, fresh beans.
  • Sensory threshold: 2 ppt (2 ng/l)

We have run analysis on wines that were thought to have high levels of the above compounds and they came back with at or below threshold levels. Obviously there are a lot of other compounds present in the wine that cause the herbaceous characters associated with underipe fruit.

The Test

We would recommend Sweetspotter trials to determine the success of the process prior to using the larger equipment.

The Specifications

Flow rate: 500-1000 gal/hr
Power required: 208/240V (20 amp), 480V (20 amp) or
380V (30 amp)
Levels removed per pass: 15-25% IBMP & 5-10% IPMP
Membrane type: NF
Expected losses 1 – 2% of overall volume