Untainted Wine For GoodMobile Cork Taint Removal

Since 2004, we have been providing winemakers around the world with a unique single-pass treatment process to remove the ‘musty, moldy’ aroma of TCA (2,4,6, Trichloroanisole) and TBA (2,4,6, Tribromoanisole).

The wine passes through a system of filter media canisters that targets TCA/TBA and all related anisoles. Once again, this is a gentle, ‘once-through’ filtration, and wine quality is untouched . One barrel to large volumes can be processed.

Potential Causes Of TCA

There’s quite a few but be particularly aware of chlorinated process water, barrels, wooden pallets, corks, filter media, oak chips, packaging products and wooden structures.

Cork Taint Problem! What Do I Do?

First, send a sample of your suspect wine in a foil capped, glass container to a reputable lab. Then, if the results aren’t good, send us two 750ml sample bottles for a TCA removal test. We’ll have a result back to you in 2 days.

Volumes processed: Single barrel to 100,000+ gallons
Processing Rate: 1 -1,000 gal/hr
Detectable TCA/TBA levels in wine: < 3 ng/l Depending on wine type
TCA levels treatable successfully: up to 30 ng/l
Levels analyzed exiting the system: < 1ng/l
Wine quality after TCA/TBA removal: Excellent