The TechnologyMobileWineConcentration

UF is the only way to legally concentrate wine in the USA. By using UF membranes, you are separating the wine into 2 color fractions – low color and high color. The low color fraction can be used for blending purposes, while the high color fraction is the desirable product.

This is a great tool for winemakers to increase the concentration of the wine, whilst still keeping the wine ‘balanced’. Especially helpful in cooler growing seasons where color concentration is below normal. Quality increases dramatically with an average of about 5 – 10% concentration. It also increases the color and depth of the wine.

Other applications for UF include color removal from juice or wine; removal of bitter tannins and even adding the concentration of color. The applications and the advantages of Ultrafiltration technology are only just beginning to be enjoyed.

Designed and produced by the US wine industry leaders VA Filtration, these systems can be custom designed to suit your winemaking specifications and are available for you to trial. Also available on a mobile basis for ‘bitter’ tannin removal and
other applications.